Addika announces wealth management partnership with Flanks

The Mexico-based company Addika recently announced plans to collaborate with wealth management start-up Flanks. This collaboration between both entities will result in a significant improvement of financial asset administration processes within the wealth management industry

Addika is a wealth consolidation platform which helps financial advisors manage assets and holistically consolidate investment information. The firm implements strict guidelines to protect its clients’ data and is constantly innovating to offer them a better and more curated wealth management experience.

Pairing the firm’s platform with Flanks’ advanced aggregation process will allow financial advisors to manage products accurately and automate investment information more securely. In the long term, Flanks’ users will be able to give the most up-to-date financial advice to their clients available anywhere.

Thanks to our alliance with Flanks, ADDIKA becomes a more rebust platform by automating its accounts in a more agile and secure way, expanding the American and European coverage of financial institutions, prioritizing information security and simplifying the analysis of information in financial markets.

Juan Sainz, CEO of Addika

Using Addika’s wealth management platform is guaranteed to:

  • Give you a full 360 view of your managed assets and liabilities whilst having them in one place with multiple structures and owners.
  • Provide you with real-time account updates to help you make smart, well-informed decisions.
  • Help you automate information, delegate tasks and set reminder dates with ease.
  • Convert your wealth information to the currency of your choice.

Find our more about Addika and its amazing assets that will help you control your financial status.

About Flanks

Flanks is a wealth management SaaS solution that automatically connects to any global entity to aggregate your client’s wealth. Using the latest scraping technology, the firm uses techniques such as reverse engineering methodology to advance the scraping process, have stable connections, connect to any entity and extract all the information needed.

Flanks’ solution is available now and is offering all users a free demo to test their financial aggregation features. For more information or to book a meeting with one of our experts in multiple languages, see