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Boost your professional growth
At Flanks, we're constantly growing, making it easier for you to reach high positions. We invest in your future, ensuring you'll gain valuable knowledge and experience along the way.
International company
Collaborate with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, fostering a rich and inclusive environment.
We don't adhere to rigid rules; instead, we operate based on trust in our employees. Enjoy the freedom to work in a way that suits you best.
People make a daily impact
You're not just another number; you're an individual, and you matter. At Flanks, your contributions are recognized and valued every day, creating a workplace where your presence makes a difference.
Flanks team - Rubén
Rubén Hernández
Software Developer

”Flanks offers the opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally, with a culture based on trust, surrounded by a friendly team to learn, talk and have fun with. It also offers the opportunity to move to a different team to take on new challenges according to your preferences. Together we create a quality service to be proud of”.

Flanks team - Cecilia
Cecilia Ventura
Customer Support Specialist

"My job at Flanks as a Customer Support Specialist is something I really enjoy. It has helped me learn a lot about finances. However, what has been key to my development at Flanks is the teamwork dynamic I've developed with my colleagues. This has been a very enriching challenge, both professionally and personally, as it has encouraged me to continue growing in an environment as demanding as this one."

Flanks team - Carlos
Carlos Pereira
Software Developer

“I joined Flanks just a month ago and I have learned so much that I feel many months have passed already. My team is incredible; they are not only smart people but also really nice, easy to talk to and open-minded. I am not only improving and growing as a professional but also as a person, and I think that's awesome! Communication within and between teams is really good, and that improves the integration and identity as a company!”

Flanks team - Marta
Marta Albes
Head of Project Management

“Working at a fast-growing startup with a great product like Flanks is a new and thrilling challenge every day. It is incredibly rewarding to see how our solutions attack a real pain point for most companies in the sector and their people. And therefore, how we can make things easier for them on a daily basis. The team spirit, a true transparency culture, where people are properly encouraged and treated fairly, an ambitious vision and the exciting promise of a bright future, complete the picture that makes Flanks a very enjoyable place to be”.

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Project management
Equal employment opportunity

Flanks is dedicated to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our organization, from our hiring processes to the overall experiences of being a Flanks team member.

We take pride in being an equal opportunity employer and welcome all applicants without regard to factors such as race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, sexual orientation, age, marital and civil partnership status, or disability status. Join us in building a more inclusive future at Flanks!”

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