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We see the importance of providing a series of top-notch market tools to help our clients with the monetization of data. For this reason, we have an ecosystem strategy

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What does it mean to have an ecosystem?

Flanks recognizes the importance of providing a range of top-notch market tools to assist our clients in monetizing their data. For this reason, we have developed an ecosystem strategy that seamlessly integrates third-party tools into our clients' projects for effortless plug-and-play functionality. Here we present what are the advantages of being in the Flanks ecosystem for both partners and customers.

Advantages to our customers

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Amplifying value propositions

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Having the best financial tools in the market

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Optimizing data monetization

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Being in control of our data acquisition

Advantages for our partners

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Increasing lead reception

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Acelerate your GTM

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Expanding your connections coverage

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Better use experience for your customers

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Our partners


Temenos is everyone’s Banking Platform. Rapidly assemble, configure, deploy and extend Temenos banking capabilities and services. Compose new banking services that incorporate solutions from Temenos Exchange, as well capabilities from incumbent systems. And safely design, manage and distribute new banking products to innovate on top of your legacy systems with ease.

Wealth Dynamix

At Wealth Dynamix we work with wealth management firms and private banks to help create a seamless set of CLM capabilities, delivering our solutions across the whole CLM spectrum, or focusing on specific areas such as client onboarding and working with a firm’s existing architecture.


Technology provider for financial entities offering solutions for financial advice and portfolio management. Experts in Wealth Management with 20 years of experience creating and implementing high added value solutions for Spanish and international financial entities. Present in Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Chile.


BRITech is an Investment Management tech company offering solutions to the Investment Management ecosystem with a SaaS business model. It operates on 4 fundamental pillars in delivering investment management solutions: experience, technology, productivity, and excellence.


Njorda is a Stockholm based fintech specialised in investment technology for retail investors. We package investing and advisory best practices as easy-to-use services & APIs.


Landytech is a financial technology company founded in 2018, whose goal is to transform access to asset information. Landytech has a high expertise in the analytics they provide to their clients, mostly from the private wealth sector. Their needs usually request sophisticated analysis, wide details and big calculations on their reports.


InvestAlert harnesses the power of AI and Open Finance technologies to provide unparalleled insights into retail investors’ portfolios. Portfolio Copilot™ by InvestAlert continuously monitors holding positions, offering early warnings when a portfolio might be at risk of significant losses that could jeopardize one's investment goals. Additionally, it delivers in-depth analysis of portfolio performance through its smart reporting feature.


Finametrix is a cutting-edge global provider of portfolio management and advisory solutions for private banks, Wealth & Asset Management, advisors & Family Offices.

Quantum Six

Quantum Six is the go-to consultancy for core transformations by bringing the right people together at the right time. We enable organisations to modernise their technology to achieve sustainable value.


PetakSys facilitates digital transformation for financial organizations through seamless business & data integration as well as custom software and reporting solutions that meet your specific needs. With our expertise in Flanks' global wealth data integration, you can achieve greater efficiency across your business faster.

Coinscrap Finance

At Coinscrap Finance we’re working to be the best Financial Health AI Platform of the future using transactional data & behavioural economics. We help banks and insurers to understand the financial situation of their clients and to sell the product that better fits, a win-win for both financial entities and their customers.


Established in 1998, Additiv partners with leading companies across the world to help them capitalize on the possibilities of digital wealth and investment management. Additiv’s embedded finance operating system, DFS®, is an orchestration layer enabling financial institutions to access new distribution channels through a Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) model.

Hear from them

Marcos Puccini - Global Chief Growth Officer at BRITech
Marcos Puccini
Global Chief Growth Officer at BRITech

"Flanks extends this flexibility to integration with data sources, offering the ability to connect to any custodian with bi-directional data flow, enabling us to create a complete and consolidated picture of wealth across entities. This partnership is a game-changing step forward for BRITech, Flanks, and our global user base"

Sergej Smirnov - COO and co-founder at Njorda
Sergej Smirnov
COO and co-founder at Njorda

“Flanks successfully helped us fill the gaps in the coverage of the Swedish market with local aggregators. We are looking forward to more joint efforts where Flanks and Njorda compliment each other in terms of aggregation and financial analytics, to make both of our offers stronger”

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