Make the best investment decisions with Moning and Flanks

Imagine a simple, intuitive investment management platform with a strong sense of community among its users. These are the strong value propositions of Moning: the fast and clear platform for long-term investors. The project is now live and connected to Flanks as its bridge between custodian entities and the platform

Made from the perfect synergy between high technology and human talent, Moning offers the power to transform raw financial data into visually engaging information, easy and quick to understand. That goes hand-in-hand with their active community of users, who are in touch with each other through the official Moning forum. There, the community exchanges tips or experiences on investment decisions and gets inspiration from public portfolios.

"At Moning, we have had a great focus on good quality and technology processes from the start. It was great to find out that Flanks also share those values : I was impressed so far by the quality of their support. Our end-customers like the seamless synchronization of their accounts."

Nicolas Blanco, CTO and co-founder of Moning

About Flanks

With its headquarters in Barcelona, Flanks is a fintech company focused on wealth management. More specifically, Flanks allows you to automatically connect to any custodian entity to aggregate your own or your client’s wealth into your platform. 

The method known as “reverse engineering” helps eliminate the risk of manual mistakes, improve the user experience between client and financial investor, and create new sources of revenue by offering new services based on the data aggregated. It helps financial advisors, family offices and other institutions to have a holistic view of their client’s financial assets while using the latest scraping technology. 

If you can explore this solution by Flanks, you can schedule a quick appointment in four different languages. A team of experts will be happy to offer a tailored solution adapted to your own or your customers’ needs.