Flanks selected to join Swiss OpenWealth Association

Last April, the Swiss firm specialized in WealthTech OpenWealth Association informed Flanks was joining their community. This new alliance will enable the #OpenAPI standard to keep establishing itself in the WealthTech industry.

As a network of companies focused on wealth management, the OpenWealth Association offers a global standard of Open APIs to financial institutions, WealthTech companies and other service providers. Flanks becoming part of it represents an opportunity to consolidate themselves further as a specialized financial service provider.

The OpenWealth Association also aims to foster the internal exchange of expertise in wealth management and open banking. With almost 30 years of experience in private banking, Flanks is an excellent addition to the Open Wealth Association in their goal of accelerating the #OpenWealth initiative.

Thanks to Flanks capabilities to connect to any custodian entity acreoss the globe, extracting financial data of investors, standardize them and expose them under the global API standard defined by the OpenWealth Association, financial advisors can easily have a global view of the position of their clients daily and with no effort.

Benjamin Parotte - Head of Sales at Flanks

About Flanks

Flanks is a financial product orchestrator intended for family offices, financial advisors and financial institutions. Flanks’ solution acts as a bridge between clients’ reporting systems and custodian entities. Their “reverse engineering” technology speeds up the data entry and collection, making it easier and more accurate. Likewise, you will be able to seamlessly connect with any custodian entity in the world.

Obtaining a global position of your clients with well-detailed and scalable information will help you make better decisions for them. If you wish to know more about Flanks and their aggregation solution, you can check out their website here. You can also find their team on Linkedin and via email.