Flanks wins the 2022 #WealthTech100 award

The annual list of innovative wealth-tech companies WealthTech100 has selected Flanks as a #WealthTech100 company for the year 2022. This award helped the firm establish itself as a global leader in the WealthTech industry focused on wealth and data aggregation services.

#WealthTech100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative WealthTech companies, which are carefully selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts. These are the companies which every leader in wealth and asset management, private banking and financial advisory must know in order to develop their digital transformation strategies and new customer propositions.

The WealthTech sector has experienced rapid growth over the last two years, as the huge increase in digital financial products and remote client communications due to COVID-19 has accelerated the need for innovation. On the current trajectory, the global WealthTech market is projected to reach $11.9bn by 2030.

This is the fourth edition of the list issued by #WealthTech100 so far. Seeing Flanks positioned in the list shows its privileged positioning and recognition in the wealth management market.

This brings the relationship between investors and financial advisors even closer and caused many to benefit from a faster and more efficient way to manage their clients’ wealth through Flanks.

About Flanks

Flanks is a Wealth Management SaaS solution that allows you to automatically connect to any custodian entity to aggregate your client’s wealth. This means you get a global position for your clients in all entities, making financial information sharing secure, easy and quick.

Usually, the amount of time it takes to manually connect to custodian banks makes wealth management a challenging part of financial advisory. Flanks’ solution helps you aggregate every financial product of your client, giving you a global position across all entities. - and ultimately, becoming the bridge between your favourite reporting tool and the custodian entities.

Getting advanced knowledge of your clients’ operations in a scalable way will help you make the best decisions for them. If you wish to know more about Flanks and its solution, you can check out their website here. You can also reach the team on Linkedin or by email.