Whitepaper: How does Flanks address security?

Being the Wealth Management a recent but growing sector, there’s still a need to establish a global operating standard. To this day, a unified way of providing financial security, guarantees and codes of ethics remains a pending task. As an AISP (Account Information Service Provider) company, Flanks ensures that safety, data confidentiality and authenticity are our top priority at all times. Which also implies making our clients feel their information is safe with us.

For this reason, on this whitepaper we will be interviewing Flanks’ main expert in security and cybersecurity: Sergi Lao, CTO & CISO of the company. In this whitepaper, we expect to help you break down any doubts or questions about Flanks’ security standards, the processes behind our data gathering and everything else in between.

You can download and read this whitepaper in English here. For the Spanish version, you can check out this link. And for the Portuguese version, check out the following link.