Micappital, helping you make better investment decisions with Flanks

Madrid based-investment company Micappital has recently announced a partnership with the wealth data orchestrator Flanks. This agreement aims to make it easier for Micappital users to connect with custodian entities around the world.

Micappital is a 100% digital financial adviser that provides guidance to its clients on investing without having to move their money from their banks and only charging commissions if their investment success, that is; if the client wins, they also win.

In addition, this advisory service does not require minimum investment requirements, thus allowing to meet one of its objectives: to provide everyone access to a private banking service. At present Micappital manage more than 70 million euros, distributed among the 3,000 clients they have.

Basically, Micappital wants to offer a digital model of advice with a success-only fees, a daily and personalized investment monitoring for each of the customers where the portfolios are aligned with the interests of consumers

In addition, they are regulated and authorized by the CNMV (Spanish National Securities Market Commission).

"Our collaboration with Flanks has enable us to offer added value to our clients while allowing us to be more accurate in the valuation of our client´s portfolio".

Borja Nieto, co-founder of Micappital

In partnership with Flanks, Micappital customers can now retrieve data for any financial product from any bank in the world.They will get all the data standardised, validated from any possible errors, and delivered cleanly and accurately in their reporting tool. Allowing them to have a global and complete view of the position of their financial products.

About Flanks

Flanks is a global wealth data orchestrator based in Barcelona, Spain. Its tool allows you to automatically connect to any custodian entity to aggregate your client’s wealth to your platform. Thanks to its reverse-engineering technology, it can connect to the core banking server without any intermediaries along the way.

If you have any questions about wealth data aggregation for your consolidation tool, you can check out Flanks' website here and schedule an introduction call. Our Sales team will be happy to assist you in four different languages.