New use case unlocked: Flanks Documents

Amidst the rapid evolution of the digital banking world, effective document management is paramount for success. And at Flanks, we're committed to providing innovative solutions to streamline workflows and making wealth management easy and scalable. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our latest feature: Flanks Documents. This groundbreaking addition is set to revolutionize the way wealth customers and advisors organize their financial documentation.

The challenge

Flanks Documents addresses the need for efficient document management, stemming from clients' requirements to easily access and download documents from various financial institutions. Beyond our core data aggregation service, clients sought a straightforward solution to retrieve financial documentation directly from financial institutions' Extranet. With Flanks Documents, this task is now simplified, offering clients immediate access to documents in a PDF or CVS format.

The solution

Flanks Documents is the feature that complements an already comprehensive data aggregation and enrichment service. By being connected to a financial institution, the client won't only be able to access up-to-date financial information, but also specific financial documents linked to their products. Those can be account statements, annual reports, or certificates of ownership.

The impact

The benefits of Flanks Documents extend far beyond just improved document management. We have already tested it with one of our customers, Taxdown: the Spanish pioneering digital service that simplifies income tax return filing, ensuring the best results for taxpayers. These two solutions now collaborate seamlessly, enabling users not only to connect to their financial institutions for tax purposes but also to download the annual reports necessary for the entire process. Additionally, this feature will also be applicable to big family offices and many other financial actors.

Flanks technology helps us return money to hundreds of thousands of Spaniards every year. TaxDown is the leading tax app in Spain and Mexico, with 1.6 million satisfied users who have saved more than 100 million euros in the last 5 years.

Enrique García, CEO at TaxDown

In conclusion, Flanks Documents is a significant stride towards realizing our vision of Flanks as a comprehensive wealth management solution. Its seamless integration with financial institutions and innovative features exemplify our commitment to simplifying financial processes. As we introduce more add-ons like Flanks Documents, we remain dedicated to empowering users with resources for an effortless wealth management experience.