Wallstreeters and Flanks, offering aggregation platform optimization to end-users

Barcelona-based company Flanks recently announced a key partnership with Wallstreeters, a stock market and investment dashboard platform aimed at individual users and investors. This strategic partnership is designed to merge the platform’s portfolio management with Flanks’ data processing, as a bridge between Wallstreeters platform and custodian entities. 

The all-in-one solution by Flanks gives financial advisors the power to access more detailed information on their clients’ operations and positions. This new aggregation process uses techniques such as reverse engineering which allows Wallstreeters to optimize the user experience while aggregating financial data into the platform, which saves time and reduces the risk of manual mistakes. 

On the other hand, the platform by Wallstreeters allows individuals to create their own stock market dashboard or investments dashboard. Focused on improving its client’s portfolio performance, the platform is easy to navigate, customizable and with plenty of widgets to choose from while staying practical. 

· Using Wallstreeters also means clients can: 

· Choose what information they want to see

· Create their own dashboard with widgets to keep up with their investing ideas

· See their portfolio returns

Taking Wallstreeters and Flanks as one solution for Premium and Contributor subscriptions will allow users to have a complete and flexible tool to consolidate their financial assets, and also an optimized way to set out their investment strategy. Another advantage of such joint forces is that it will democratize investment management to users with all kinds of portfolios. And therefore, making finances more accessible to individual investors.

"Partnering with Flanks was a crucial step for our scalability, because of their wide range of supported brokers across the globe and expertise integrating with so quickly".

Ruben Rocha, co-founder of Wallstreeters

About Flanks

Flanks is a SaaS wealth management company from Barcelona. The company was founded in 2019 by Joaquim de la Cruz, Sergi Lao and Álvaro Morales. Its solution helps to automatically connect to any custodian entity to aggregate  client’s wealth into the platform of your choice. This helps eliminate the risk of manual mistakes, improve the user experience between client and financial investor, and create new sources of revenue by offering new services based on the data aggregated.

Flanks’ solution is available now and is offering all users a free demo to test their financial aggregation features. For more information or to book a meeting with one of our experts in multiple languages, see flanks.io.