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Flanks gives you a full global overview of your clients’ position and operations daily helping you to automate your financial advice to your client easier than ever before.

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how it workS

Connecting to financial entities

We can connect to any financial entity by leveraging the consent and credentials of investors and financial advisors. We cover the double factor authentication as we follow the security process of each entity. Simply choose your chosen custodian entity and hit connect.

Standardising and enriching data

After extracting data from the selected financial entity, we meticulously enrich it by adhering to our operational standards. This meticulous process empowers us to consistently provide you with clean and precise data on a daily basis.

Our dedicated data team diligently focuses on the standardization and validation of this data, proactively identifying and rectifying any potential errors or inconsistencies.

Automatising processes

Once the data aggregation process is streamlined, Flanks offers a standardized integration layer, accessible via APIs or SFTP, enabling a "plug & play" approach to seamlessly integrate our solution into your reporting tools and/or portfolio management systems.

This integration doesn't only simplify your workflow, but also opens up opportunities to create new revenue streams based on the aggregated data. Let us shoulder the time-consuming tasks for you!

Flanks' methodology

Classic data extraction methodology

The customer behavior is emulated through clicks and interactions. Which means that if the website is changed in any way, the action can't proceed as it can't follow its usual path.

Flanks data extraction methodology

Flanks directly reproduces the customer web/app's requests to the server, thus avoiding the need to interact with the user interface. The process is carried out quickly, safely, and in a resilient manner.

Financial products

Flanks can retrieve and manage a wide variety of financial assets.
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Flanks - Services: Funds


We can extract information from investment funds, both from independent managers and from sources distributed by banking entities.



Flanks can retrieve information from all types of ETFs with the most accurate asset details, as well as tickers and ISIN numbers. For example, digital brokerage firms or banking institutions.

Flanks - Services: Pension plans

Pension plans

Flanks extracts and identifies pension plans from every existing provider entity, matching each one with its identification code. For instance, DGS.

Flanks - Services: Equity investments

Equity investments

Flanks is capable of extracting equity data independently of its source: whether it's been traded through independent brokers or from banking entities. For example, Interactive Brokers.

Flanks - Services: Fixed income

Fixed income

Flanks can extract comprehensive information from various types of fixed income products, capturing every detail of each individual product, such as public debt and corporate bonds.

Flanks - Services: CFDs


Flanks connects to major CFD platforms, providing a breakdown of the product being traded through CFDs and indicating the investor's current holding ratio at all times.

Flanks - Services: Current accounts

Cash accounts

Flanks holds an AISP license, enabling legal access to every type of current account information.

Flanks - Services: Alternative investments

Alternative investments

Flanks can establish connections with leading alternative asset managers and retrieve current position information whenever the manager provides valuation updates, along with key corporate events.

Flanks - Services: Crypto currencies

Crypto currencies

Flanks connects to the APIs of the world's leading crypto exchanges.

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"Working with Flanks has allowed us to scale our business, which helps us to provide greater added value to our clients through personalization and having all the information available in real time. In short, they have been able to turn our complex world into a simpler one."

Rafael Suárez - Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Solutions
Rafael Suárez
Chief Investment Officer at Wealth Solutions
Hear from our clients

"We are thrilled to enter into this partnership, which not only strengthens our connectivity coverage in the Nordics but also unlocks exciting opportunities in untapped markets. Flanks' data-driven investment approach was a key factor in our decision to collaborate, and we look forward to the possibilities ahead."

Sergej Smirnov - COO and co-founder at Njorda
Sergej Smirnov
COO and co-founder at Njorda
Hear from our clients

"The solutions offered by Flanks to ESIs represent a significant added value in the processes’ automatization of the financial sector, with a large impact on the services provided to final customers."

David Levy - DiverInvest Asesoramiento EAF – Owner
ASEAFI representative for Catalonia
David Levy
DiverInvest Asesoramiento EAF – OwnerASEAFI representative for Catalonia
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